JUST INN: Dog licks Pregnant Woman’s Belly, And Doctor Sees Detail in ultrasound and Was Left In Surprised

He accused his wife of always favoring her dog over him. The relationship was rocky, and the man suspected something odd about her pregnancy. But when they finally unveiled what was going on through the ultrasound, their world came crashing down.

The day dawned gray, mirroring the atmosphere between the couple, Zara and Giovanni. A storm of emotions threatened to shatter the fragile truce they had established. The weighty silence brimmed with unspoken words and accusations….CONTINUE READING

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Giovanni glanced at Zara, his eyes a blend of confusion and frustration. In response, Zara avoided his gaze, choosing instead to caress Archie, her faithful companion – a colossal Newfoundland dog – who was laying obediently at her feet.

“So that’s your routine now, huh?” the man finally shattered the silence, his voice low and gruff. “Just sitting there with that dog, damn it.”Zara stared at him, taken aback. “What?” she asked, her voice barely audible.”Yes, you heard me!” Giovanni erupted. “You’re devoting more time to that dog than to me. It’s like I’ve become invisible in our own home.”Zara felt tears welling up. “Oh, come on, this again? You’re not getting the...CONTINUE READING

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