Reno Omokri Reveals Six Reasons Men Are Poor In Their 40s

Reno Omokri, the former assistant to the former president of Nigeria, His Excellency President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, has made a statement on his official Twitter handle about six reasons men are poor in their 40s….CONTINUE READING HERE

The statement released by the one-time best-selling author cites these reasons:

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Firstly, “they financially maintain a girlfriend who contributes nothing to their lives besides fornication”.

Secondly, “Instead of re-wearing their old clothes, they buy new ones, so haters don’t say they are broke.”

Thirdly, “They buy a new car and rent an old house”.

Fourthly, “they must be seen at clubs or lounges buying extremely overpriced drinks in order to belong”.

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Fifthly, “They and their friends will never cooperate to start a business. But they can contribute $300 to their friend’s father’s burial”.

Conclusively, “They can take aso-ebi on credit, but they cannot take credit to start a business.” “Stop living life for affirmation and start living life with direction. And don’t spend your capital because you see people spending their profit.”

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