See 4 Serious Mistakes To Avoid As A Nigerian Tenant

Being a good tenant in Nigeria means avoiding some important mistakes.

1. Never forget to read your rental agreement thoroughly. This paper has rules about repairs, rent increases, and when you can leave. If you don’t understand something, ask questions….CONTINUE READING HERE

2. Before you move in, make sure to check and write down everything about the house. Take pictures if you can. This helps when you move out. If there are arguments about damage, you have proof of what the place was like.

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3. Paying rent late is a big problem. It can make your landlord upset, and you might get into trouble. Try to always pay on time. If there’s a problem, talk to your landlord before it’s too late. They might help find a solution.

4. Know your rights. In Nigeria, there are rules for both tenants and landlords. Learn about them. This way, you can speak up if something is wrong. It’s important to know how much your rent can go up or what to do if you need to leave….CONTINUE READING HERE

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