SPORTS: Rodrygo Reveals Amusing Aftermath of Calling Lionel Messi a ‘Coward’ – “Banned From Talking About This”

Rodrygo has been impressive on the pitch in recent times. Yet, the focus still seems to be on his heated clash with Lionel Messi while on international duty. The Real Madrid attacker was once again questioned on the subject…..CONTINUE READING HERE

However, the 22-year-old was very cautious in his words and jokingly revealed that he was instructed to avoid talking about the incident. Perhaps, something happened behind the scenes?

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Following the controversy, the Brazilian star also received criticism and abuse aplenty on social media. Yet, it doesn’t seem to be affecting his performances on the pitch as the youngster continues his fine season.
Rodrygo denies an explanation over the argument with Messi

The Brazilian attacker had an unexpected response when quizzed about the Messi-coward name-calling incident. He said, “It is better not to talk about it, and I have also been banned from talking about this topic. I think a lot of people saw what happened so I don’t have to explain. This is the most I can say and I can’t talk about this topic anymore”. Quite possibly, Los Blancos requested the 22-year-old to refrain from commenting further on the topic.

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Rodrygo and Lionel Messi had two separate clashes during the Argentina vs Brazil match; before the whistle and at the start of the match. The Brazilian had reportedly used a Spanish expression that translates to “cowards”. The Argentina captain did not enjoy this, especially considering their status as World champions…..CONTINUE READING HERE

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