Stop Boiling Meat With These Two Ingredients, They Damage Your Liver

What the majority of people rely on to speed up the cooking process is both surprising and astounding.


Most people cook their meats with potash, but was even more stunned to see that most people boil their meats with paracetamol and potash to ensure that the meat is done quickly without considering the health repercussions of this combination…..CONTINUE READING HERE


A common reason for speedier meat cooking in restaurants and other food establishments is to save time while increasing profits.. This is why you should stop boiling your beef with these two ingredients, and how they can harm your liver and kidney if you continue to do so.

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1.using potash for cooking


2.The use of Paracetamol.


Even though paracetamol is particularly dangerous when heated, potash and paracetamol are not recommended for use in cooking.

Because they are sent to the liver and kidneys for detoxification, these chemicals can gradually harm the organs’ cells. However, if they accumulate in large enough quantities, they can cause permanent damage.

A number of medications, including paracetamol, are employed in the processing of beef more quickly. After the overdose has passed, the liver’s hepatotoxicity usually causes excessive disintegration of paracetamol-treated cells.

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In practically all metabolic activities, the liver and kidney are two of the most critical organs in the body. Damage to the liver puts not only the kidneys but the entire system at risk.

The drugs you take can’t be treated if your liver isn’t working properly.

If you consume a lot of sugar and amino acids (the byproducts of protein digestion), you’ll end up with a variety of health problems in your body.

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No waste or fluid can be removed from the body unless you have kidneys.


Without kidneys, your body is unable to regulate your blood pressure, especially for persons with cardiac or hypertensive effects.

Without your kidney, you are unable to regulate your body’s water content, which can lead to edema swelling in certain parts of your body, such as your neck and ankles.

Stop using these two things to prepare your meat to avoid these issues…..CONTINUE READING HERE