(Video): According to Aliyu Gebi, “If Nigeria Can Avoid Military Coups, Any Country Can Do That As Well”

Aliyu Gebi, the national coordinator of the Security Governance Initiative, emphasized the potential for nations worldwide to break free from their dependence on military coups, drawing inspiration from Nigeria’s success in this regard…

In an exclusive interview with Arise TV news, Gebi expressed optimism that Nigeria’s strategic diplomatic ties with Niger Republic could contribute to quelling the violence in the region….CONTINUE READING

As a prominent figure within the international community, he urged Nigeria to maintain a vigilant stance towards global developments.

Gebi firmly asserted that both Niger and Nigeria possess the capability to address this issue on behalf of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). His conviction resonated in his statement, wherein he stated that it was imperative for not only the United States but also other nations to proactively address the issue of military coups. With a retrospective glance, he pointed out that the era of coups was progressively becoming obsolete, and Nigeria’s disengagement from such tactics stands as a testament to this transformation…

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Nigeria’s commendable record of seven successful democratic transitions underscored its remarkable achievement in establishing stable governance. Gebi was unwavering in his belief that Nigeria’s accomplishment in steering away from military interventions sets an encouraging precedent for all nations. By showcasing how a country can avert military coups, Nigeria inadvertently provides a blueprint for others to follow suit.

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Nevertheless, Gebi encouraged Nigeria to broaden its perspective beyond its borders. He recommended that the country shift its focus from inward development and allocate more attention to monitoring international dynamics. As a recognized leader on the global stage, Nigeria holds the potential to not only safeguard its own stability but also play a pivotal role in promoting peace and democratic values worldwide.

In conclusion, Aliyu Gebi, the national coordinator of the Security Governance Initiative, highlighted Nigeria’s transformative journey in steering clear of military coups. His perspective reflected optimism and a call to action for countries worldwide to emulate Nigeria’s success story. With its ties to Niger Republic and its influential standing within the international community, Nigeria’s potential to contribute to global stability is substantial. As the world progresses towards a more democratic era, Nigeria’s achievements stand as a beacon of hope, inspiring nations to abandon the outdated practices of military coups. It is imperative for nations to heed Gebi’s counsel and collectively work towards eradicating the remnants of such antiquated methods in favor of fostering global peace and progress….CONTINUE READING

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