(Video) Hilda Baci leaves many gushing as she defeats Reginald in a dance

Hilda Baci, a Guinness World Record holder, stuns the audience with her dance moves as she competes with her buddy Ama Reginald.

Hilda Baci demonstrated to her followers during a dance with a friend that she is a talented dancer in addition to being a skilled chef….CONTINUE READING

The well-known sketch creator Sydney Talker, who bragged about her and Reginald being friends, showed the chef in a video that she posted.

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“I still can’t believe that I’m friends with these beautiful ladies 😍,”

Sydney wrote.

Numerous comments from viewers of the dance video have praised the chef’s impressive moves.

RunWorldsupport wrote: “Hilda nah one very simple person swears..I no even they look the other wan mak e carry yanshhhhhhhhh cover screen.”

Comedian Koba commented: “Them go soon touch your weeking point.”

Adegoke Oluwatoba said: “hildabaci. you can’t just hate her… Her smile can melt a metal.’

Itz lvy Gold penned: “One thing I so much love about Hilda baci ,it’s she always having dat smile on her face.”

CallMeeKelz reacted: “Me too Il soon be friend with them.”

Don Matthew said: “I’m right there with you! Support everyone…..CONTINUE READING