(Viral video) Nine-year-old “maid” tortured to death sparks outrage

The tragic death of a nine-year-old maid, allegedly subjected to severe abuse and violence by her employer, has sparked a campaign against child labour.

A viral video purportedly captured the girl identified as Fatima Fariro, writhing in pain after an assault, prompting widespread calls for justice with the hashtag #JusticeforFatima trending on social media platforms….CONTINUE READING

The alleged murder occurred in Ranipur, near the city of Khairpur in Sindh province, Pakistan, after Fatima was sent by her impoverished parents to work as a maid for Pir Asad Shah Jilani, the primary suspect in the case.

Jilani, however, denied the accusations, insisting that he had been providing medical treatment to the girl at home for a stomach ailment and that her death occurred during treatment.

Although some reports indicated Fatima’s age as 10, popular Pakistani actress and child protection activist Nadia Jamil, clarified that she was, in fact, nine years old.

Jamil also shared a statement from Fatima’s mother, alleging that Jilani’s father had coerced her into claiming her daughter had an illness at the time of her death, despite signs of abuse on the girl’s body.

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The actress said Fatima’s mother also accused Jilani’s wife of burning Fatima’s back with a hot iron and forcibly pulling out the child’s hair, leaving bald patches on her head.

In the video believed to be from a CCTV camera in one of Mr. Jilani’s rooms which has widely circulated online, Fatima’s body was covered in torture marks as she lay motionless on the ground.

A woman, suspected as Jilani’s wife stood beside her, while another woman, possibly another household maid, entered and checked on Fatima, reacting in shock upon realizing the girl had died.

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Senior Superintendent of Police in Khairpur Mir Rohal Khoso, confirmed the arrest of the suspect and plans for a post-mortem and exhumation.

Khoso stressed that the Sindh police remained committed to combating child abuse and protecting human rights.

Meanwhile, the incident has triggered demands for justice and an end to child labour, which Fatima’s mother echoed during her TV appearance, confirming her daughter had indeed shown signs of torture.

The Sindhi Association of North America joined the call for an investigation into Fatima’s death which it described as a case of child labour.

Despite Pakistan’s ratification of international child labour conventions and the prohibition of employment for those below 14 to 15 years of age, child labour continues to persist in various forms, with reports of exploitation and torture frequently emerging in the media.

According to reports, Fatima was one of approximately 100 teenage girls who were serving as “maids” for the family of the Pir of Ranipur, in a situation akin to captivity….CONTINUE READING

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Earlier this month, police in the capital, Islamabad, arrested a judge’s wife on allegations of severely torturing her teenage maid, who had to be hospitalized for severe injuries, as reported by local media outlets.