[WATCH VIDEO]. Moment Of Drama German-Based Ghanaians Who Were Being Transported To The Airport For Deportation Jumped Off The Bus

A group of young Ghanaian men who were being transported to the airport for deportation in a moving bus risked their lives by jumping from it. They were residing illegally in Germany.

They were detained after police detained a number of foreign nationals living illegally in Ghana during a swoop….CONTINUE READING

The courageous young guys were not quite prepared to be sent back to Ghana, though.

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They made a theatrical exit from the bus by opening the windows and jumping out.

The video has elicited responses from users on social media.

“The same Germany your president Ruto want to take Kisii residents there to work,” one social media user remarked.

Nobody wants to return to the hardships, tribulations, poverty, unemployment, despair, lack of chances, horrible roads, voodoo, witchcraft, corruption, inequity, lousy leadership, and probably any other evil you can conjure up,” a user commented….CONTINUE READING

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Observe the video.

Source: OccupyGh.com