Why NLC Kick Against Splitting Of Unions

…charges women unionists to find sustainable solutions to GBV, others

The Nigeria Labour Union (NLC) has frowned at the breakup of existing labour unions into splinter groups as a result of external forces which it alleged were out to weaken the labour movement.

President of the NLC, Comrade Joe Ajaero expressed displeasure with the trend while speaking at the Africa and Arab Regional Women’s Conference on Tuesday in Abuja….CONTINUE READING

He said, “We would use this opportunity to speak out against forces that seek to polarise or weaken the organised labour by needlessly splitting unions or pitting them against one another at a time Capital is consolidating its hold on Labour through mergers, acquisitions and overwhelming national governments.”

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Ajaero also frowned at union members who have set aside their passion for activism aimed at promoting the rights of workers, to pursue their personal interests.

“We also find it necessary to speak to our more inordinately ambitious members who seek titles instead of service to put their ambitions in check; for the sake of the movement and the workers! A people united can never be defeated!”

The NLC President charged women unionists to desist from the age-long attitude of lamentations and restrategize to figure out how best to effectively address the issues of gender-based violence, safety and health, poor women representation in governance especially in strategic areas like politics, public service and unionism l, in a sustainable manner.

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“We are inclined to believe that you are gathered here not to lament but to find ways of addressing these challenges, especially, the challenges of paid and unpaid care work, the launch of advocacy guide to empower and reposition women to be advocates and not complainants of social re-engineering and re-organisation of care as well as setting up of priorities of work.

“You are also expected to set up processes that could lead to the organisation of care workers, especially in addressing issues of safety and health, and health reforms to embrace the entire population spectrum.

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“Similarly, you are expected to come up with ideas that would make the fight against gender-based violence more effective, beyond ratification by member nations.

“You are similarly invited to propose a radically transformative public service that is at once gender-sensitive, responsive and accessible to all but to women in particular.

“We similarly invite you to brainstorm and propose ways and means of strengthening women’s voice and leadership roles in unions, the trade union movement and in partisan political circles….CONTINUE READING