You Stop Wasting Money On Rat Poison, Use This Simple Method To Kill Rats In Your Home

Are rats disturbing and becoming a nuisance to you in your home? Well, if yes, now worry less since I’m going to introduce you to a simple method of killing these disturbing rodents. In addition,this method will save the money you spend on buying rat poison……CONTINUE READING HERE

Rats multiply with a higher rate in a span of a very short time and I should bring to your attention that once you note or detect signs of rats existing in your house,please act immediately and get rid of them.

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I know many members of the public tend to spend a lot in buying rat poison but turns to be money consuming, dangerous when mishandled and likely ineffective in a certain percentage

Let me introduce to you to this simple method that is likely to be more efficient,more appropriate,money saving and less harmful.

In our simple method,you will need to have an old dry cell, a normal plate or plates and crumpsy food leftovers like cakes, biscuits or cakes.

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Procedure of Our Method.
Here,you will first assemble all the aabove required tools of our method.

Secondly,take the old dry cell and tear it ourt to get the black centred rod like tool and then crush it into very smooth particles.

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Thirdly , smear the cakes or the bread with the crushed and smooth particles uniformly and this will be used as our bait

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Then take the plate and place the bait on it,the place these plate on the highly suspected area where the rats pass or under the cupboard. Here you can introduce several plates to place in different places for our method to be more effective. Finally wait for your trap to work and yield perfect results.

when coming in and out of your house and wait for your trap to yield perfect results……CONTINUE READING HERE